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I have more photographs from Istanbul, but I’ve been busy and not really found the time to upload them. Alas these are my last from the place. On to something new… I still need to get my retouching portfolio / website sorted out. Can I have some more hours in my day pretty please? E-mailing a low-res selection to people doesn’t really ‘get me out there’.

Regarding purely creative pursuits: If I don’t find the time now at just gone ‘today not tomorrow’ then I won’t. We have to find time for what makes us happy  – to cultivate creativity, because If we don’t our interests and passions may fall by the way side. Then life might seem full of routine, somewhat dull and uninteresting with no ‘punctum’ to open us up to new experience, inspiration, people and conversations.

So without further a-do… here’s the rest. Enjoy.


Turkish Coffee

Blue Mosque


IstanbulNight cafeInstanbul

I just thought I’d say a public thanks to Petra for choosing my ‘Elvis’ image for the Redeye Photography network facebook page for the month of May. Very kind.













I’m happy this image has been chosen because at the time I just felt an inclination to take it… for what is was: a curious set up on a market ‘el rastro’ in Madrid. A market that I pestered my good friend to take me to instead of us going out on the beers the night before!

I suppose Elvis was ‘outside of the frame’ to put a literal slant on the capture. He was different, adored and is no longer here. So he is outside of popular culture these days, but his influences live on. You can view more Madrid photos here.

Oh and if you haven’t yet read about a new project I have going on then have a look here to participate.  :)

Manchester. Oldham Street. A place called ‘Fridays’. A dive, a place that is always dark. That has door security most week day afternoons. This guy was stood outside and caught my eye. He let me take his photograph. Some people find it flattering. They may not  have any one else interested in them enough to record their presence here anymore. Image

Okay. Well this idea has been in my head since around 2010. I’ve had one of those idea days where my head has swirled full of thoughts and ideas to the point of feeling pretty dizzy… or maybe because I tend to stand up too quickly. Anyway… 

Whether you know me personally, or not. I’d like to say I am interested in you and what makes you tick! I want you to write me a list of your favourite things. It doesn’t matter whether we have spoken before, whether you have happened upon my blog by a happy mistake. Whatever, it doesn’t matter.

What matters is your participation. For without it, the idea is just that.


I want to collect individual lists of people’s favourite things and then turn those lists in to something magical, eye catching and heart warming in the form of a book. The book would be a mixture photography and words. I think it would be nice to be involved in something positive like this. And who knows you could learn something new about yourself… when was the last time you sat down to compile a list of what makes you happiest?

So all I ask of you is to (anonymously if you wish – but names are nice ) e-mail me a list of your favourite things to

This can be a list in bullet point form or a paragraph of text. Tell me what your favourite things are… past times, activities, sounds, smells, people, hobbies, colours…Whatever comes to mind. It’ll be good for you.

To get started I will share a friends favourite things, that he was kind enough to share with me.

I love my motorbike, I love that when I ride it I smell like nature and that my ears ring because of the noise of the wind, the way my hands go numb in the cold and how I can hold the engine and warm them up.

I love going for rides and getting lost ..seeing places and people that I have never seen… and may never see again.

I love the fact that at the same time it’s your best freind and your worst enemy.

I love listening to rock music…music that you can feel in you chest and gives you energy and a zest for life….early Motorhead does this for me.

I love nature of all kinds…I love sitting in the sun and getting soaked by the rain… there’s no such thing as bad weather…just the wrong kind of clothes!

I love random strangers smiling at me….even if they are mental.

And..lastly…dogs..for their unconditional love!

If you want to get involved, just take five minutes out of your day, sit down and think of what makes you happiest. I need as many people as possible, so please don’t be shy. Remember you can submit anonymously. 





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