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I have returned from a four day trip to Istanbul with a couple of friends. It’s a great place with great people… and food too. The virtues of the humble kebab have been revealed to me, I have visited a Turkish bath house – where I was warmed and refreshed. I have stepped inside the blue mosque, met another photographer in the spice bazaar (more on that later) and along the way developed a taste for apple tea and sahlep.  My photographs are still hiding in their little canisters waiting to be developed.

I’m posting a completely different style of photograph today as I have been inspired by a Japanese  photographer by the name of Natsumi Hayashi. This flash of inspiration came via the Amsterdam bound in-flight magazine ‘Holland Herald’. Having a few years of lucid – flying dreams under my belt, a general love of the surreal and a slight obsession with anything to do with Japan I instantly fell for her work.

Being the tall walking contradiction that I am. I love the staged photograph as much as I do the candid and thought I would make a street levitation of my own. If not just to see how hard it is to get up in the air! I might make more, who knows. I think it could be interesting and I’m certainly not the first one

to do a tribute as it were. What do you think?

Yowayowa Camera woman


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