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Suzi Hulmes

Snowboarding – I love flying down a mountain really fast on my snowboard with an amazing view infront of me. it makes me feel free, and few things compare

travelling – I can’t think of anything better to do with my life than seeing as much as I can while I can. I love exploring new places, having adventures and particularly roughing it in budget hostels and ancient public transport

Painting/sketching – Lets me forget everything else and be creative

books – I love holding books just as much as I love reading them. in fact I have a habbit of stroking the pages as I read but I love it and find it really relaxing lol

writing – Lets me use my imagination, can be a great escape

Partying – I love parties with good friends, old friends, new friends – I love parties that last all weekend with good music, good conversations, making good memories and lots of photos. and booze :)

Sunshine – makes me feel happy nomatter where I am, could sit out in it all day

Beaches – I love being by the water, in the sun, in paradise and some of my favourite places in the world are beaches – Phi Phi-Thailand, Aranbol-goa, Ostional – Costa Rica

Films – I’m addicted to buying dvds, I have so many I can’t even count them. films I love I can watch over and over again.



I love the feeling I get after waking up ridiculously early in the morning and realising it is the weekend and I can go back to sleep.



Miklos Csepely-Knorr

I love the first hundred meters on my bike in the morning. Just before i warm up and my knees are stiff. Or the free ride in the middle of the night when there is no-one around.

I love just to shoot for myself and play with the gear around just for the sake of it and than mess with the picture in the colour darkroom.

I love the moment when i click with someone just by looking each other or after a short conversation and when i fell it will go much further (even if it does not)

I love the feel when i design a light for a month and when i am out there i just wipe the whole idea of and create sg totally different which works miles better.

I love to walk in a city i never been without a map and find myself in the middle of a conversation with someone whom i never spoke before (and my never again).

I love wearing my gore tex and listen the rain around me and watch the raindrops.

I love to open my tent in the morning when everything is misty around me and have my coffee and cigarette.

I love coffee and watch the squirrels battle with the cats in front of my balcony.

These moments makes my life happy males me smile and roll with the daily grind

Happy days!

Fatih Gökmen

I love

communicate with people in the streets.
Spanish wine
San Sebastian



Gabriella Nyitrai

What I like in life, what are my favourite things?
I love life itself….I love loving people even people i dont know…I love the warm feeling in my heart which slowly spread all around my body and ends with a smile on my face…I love smiling i love people’s smiling…I love the sun how its warms my skin, I love the sun when comes through the trees in the woods, I love the smell of rain as it touches the Earth.
I love the thounder and the wind as it messes up my hair…I like seeing a rainbow…I like being in the nature…I love the beauty of nature..I love driving my car listening my favourite songs (sing along)…I like running into a puddle with my flowery wellies and seeing others cant do it as they havent got their wellies a bit mean but love the fact i can dooooooo it…
I love the feeling when i want to hug people randomly…i like colourful big round lollipops!!!!I love COLOURS!!! I love my red shoes!!!I Love giving love by little touch..tap on a shoulder….stroke on the head, hair…I like watching slow motion captured videos and enjoy every minute of facial/body expressions…
I like butterflies, fairies, angels…I like carried away with my dreams and imagination….I love cats and love imagining their thoughts makes me laugh i like it….I like the smell of spring when the trees have their blossoms.
I love the snow when its sparkling in the sunshine and you have to wink with your eyes becaue it almost feels like glaring….and of course when the snow covers everything i love the slience everything is calm, slow, blunt….I loved lying on the tobboggan and staring at the sky when my dad pull me…I like think about my favouite things it makes me really happy….Thank you!!!!

Joe Entwistle

I love to travel and the feeling you get when you stand, confused, wondering why the hell you are alone in an airport, and you can’t figure out the trains. 

Even better is the feeling when you reach your destination, fuck off your bag and head straight back out to get lost again. Even better than that is lying in bed that night exhausted, knowing you got 3 photos that day that have already made the entire venture more than worthwhile.

I love climbing things, cranes, bridges, trees, buildings and the feeling you get when you’re halfway up and realise it’s a long way back down… Reaching the top and being 200ft above oxford road trying to set up a tripod out of view of everyone, with a view that only you can see.

Nothing beats being prepared for the weather when everyone else you are with didn’t have the foresight (or car boot in which) to pack a berghaus and some boots. Laughing when you are still dry after an hour and everyone else is half-drowned. 

I love music of all genres. Funk, Blues, Techno, Jazz… On the same note I couldn’t live without my subwoofer. It enables me to hear/feel frequencies in music which would otherwise have gone in one ear and out the other…

I like to collect old things; books, cameras, speakers, wood planes, walking jackets… they don’t make things like they used to, although most of the stuff i have is actually broken or unusable.

Mostly I think I like meeting new people and remembering every once in a while that a whole other world exists outside of my usual circles. 


My favourite things:

the sky
my best friends
my cat
making a difference
seeing people I love happy & hearing them laugh
spreading positivity
feeling passionate
feeling content

all my blessings

Zara, Manchester.


Hello Jennifer,

This is unusually candid for me. Thank you for the opportunity. My 
favourite “things” are probably not things – they seem to be experiences.

I love playing cricket. It makes me happy; it has been a constant in my 
life for a very long time. At times, when my life has been otherwise 
uneventful, it’s been something to look forward to; a chance to meet up 
with other people, to get some sun and to exercise my mind and body.

I enjoy listening to music. It enhances and tempers my emotions, 
depending on my mood and the music.
Sometimes it just takes away the boredom. It provides casual 
accompaniment to my everyday business – a themetune for my life.

Sometimes I like to turn the music off.

I like driving on country roads with no other traffic around. I like 
Shropshire and Worcestershire. I have happy memories of driving around 
the Malvern hills.
I am lucky to get to drive the road from Greenfield to Holmfirth several 
times a week – a high climb and descent across several miles of moorland.
I enjoy the change of seasons. When I drive home from work, I appreciate 
that every month is different. I love the change from light to dark, the 
fog, snow, rain, low sun, high sun and strong winds.
I like to drive with my window open, even when it’s bitterly cold.

I play guitar, not particularly well, but enough for my own enjoyment. I 
often think of the Josh Ritter lyric, “I’m singing for the love of it. 
Have mercy on the man who sings to be adored.” Playing guitar is so 
personal to me. It’s a chance to really get inside my favourite music.

I like having pet projects, but I rarely complete them. I aspire to be 
creative. It’s a trait that I admire in other people.

I like arguments.
I like to have passionate and considered debates. I think it’s based on 
a desire to learn, but maybe it comes from a need to show off too.
I get a real thrill from raging arguments too – the kind where I’m 
telling someone they’re wrong, or where I’m standing up to a bully. This 
is a simple adrenaline rush.

I like to learn, to experience new things and to meet new people. I like 
making friends.

You were right. This has been good for me. I’d be interested in hearing 
more if this becomes anything more than an idea.

Best wishes,



Hi, I am Crina a Romanian woman, I live in Salford from 6 months. Was a really surprise for me to see an ad like yours.

I found so interesting your question, ” What makes you happy?”, for a moment my life is stock, I need to put the question different, what will make me happy? I need love, affection, a famili, a friend, insurance, peace and to stop feel alone. I have a family, I have a kid a husband but I still need these things to be happy. The only think make me happy now is to paint, I am a artist but I don’t have to much occasions to do this. I feel in a box. 
Thank you becouse you give me the opportunity to Tell all this. Hug.


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