I wanted to represent women in sport through my favourite female cycling club Team Glow. They are a great bunch of women of all abilities and ages and I love riding with them. Guaranteed good laughs and hard hills. :D

Concept/Art Direction/Driver: Jennifer Doohan


Paul Williams (Top navigation skills)

Jennifer Doohan

Nathan Ashmall

Videoographer: Paul Williams

Retoucher: Jennifer Doohan

Route planned by Sarah Roberts

Thank you ALL for your participation!

Images exhibited at The Sharp Project.

And hopefully the Rapha Cafe Manchester or Pop Up Bikes (where ever I can put them haha)



It’s been a while since I started this –  but I wanted to add my favourite things list finally! An idea like this is ongoing isn’t it. It’s never finished. :-) I’ll put out another ad and try and get some more favourites lists as the first batch were very good I thought.

I love cycling down a long steep hill. Wind rushing the tears past my cheeks like a little stream. Cycling downhill is almost meditative. There’s nothing else to think about or do except ride the bike and smile. The hard work of the hill and the reward of the descent.

The idea of traveling under my own steam… that my own body got me there.

Reading and feeling inspired by quotes.

The countryside.

I like photographing people candidly… and capturing those moments that would otherwise go un-noticed.

Feeling a warm embrace and hugging someone and you just fit together, that’s a nice feeling. To feel safe.

Poetry, I’d like to read more of it.

Radio drama and audio books, listening to them makes me feel old beyond my years but I love them. Especially Agatha Raisin mysteries by MC Beaton.

The sound of walking on gravel.

New cultures and languages I feel so alive when travelling.

Long bike rides as you feel you have accomplished something great.

Piano music.

The cinema – to get lost in a new world and feel differently about things when you walk out of the cinema.

Meeting people and good conversation. I like picking up bits of information,life advice, experiences here and there. I also love a bit of philosophical conversation.

Hearing the rain when I am indoors.

Traveling on trains especially at night with fitting music in my ears.


Creating, whether it’s baking, cooking something colourful and trying out new recipes, taking pictures even if just with a phone. A capture is a capture.

The kindness of strangers. Simple things, like a smile or a thank you.

Riding in the cool evening at dusk when everything looks pink, the light is pink.

My cat – Haku.

I am writing this because a toilet door told me to. Hope this is worth the effort. I’d love a reply if you can.

I am a film student so basically my main passion is film, my favourite directors are Danny Boyle, he is my absolute hero and the person I aspire to be. Followed by Stanley Kubrick and the Quentin Tarentino. Others I love are Ken Loach and John Landis. My favourite films are rather dark but they’re Trainspotting, A Clockwork Orange, Control (Biopic of the life of Ian Curtis), Pulp Fiction, This Is England. I could go on because my DVD collection takes up half a wall. But yeah, favourite actors are Heath Ledger, Sam Riley, Gary Oldman, The amazing Malcolm McDowell and the beautiful Ewan McGregor, Actresses are Uma Thurman, Audrey Tatou and Audrey AND Katharine Hepburn (My middle name is Katharine after her, so its kind of good I’m a fan). 
Musicwise I LOVE The Smiths, before 500 Days Of Summer. I saw Morrissey last summer in his big Manchester show and it was one of the best day of my life so far. I also love Oasis, Pulp, Joy Division,  Girls Names, The Beatles, Nirvana AND Hole (despite the fanwar, but I hate Blur so ho-hum.) Blondie, Alabama Shakes, Janis Joplin, Deap Vally, Haim, Peace, The Jam, Stone Rose and Jake Bugg. I like more but that would be reciting my iPod which is boring. 
I live in Manchester and do far to much to have a proper job, but I create original designs that I’m hoping to put onto canvas bags and sell to the Northern Quarter shops. I an currently assistant producer to a public service broadcast- unpaid but its my first professional thing so I am rather excited. :) I also manage an indie folk band named The Absolute Zeros, I wrote them a few songs and they sound pretty good if I do say so myself. I am also working at a theatre being an usher and selling ice cream -_- But I do have an audition to be a radio DJ in Salford so :D 
After a shit last year I can say that I’ve never been happier. Its since I’ve given up on academia and realised that I can have a future without being good at Maths and Science. I want people to remember me from leaving a pretty mark on the earth rather than being a pencil pusher. I was honestly close to depression, I cried myself to sleep most evening thinking I had no future but am all better now. 
*I get by with a little help from my friends* They’re called Eleanor and David and happen to be dating. I have a date next week with a rather cute boy who shall remain nameless. 
My favourites food is fried chicken, peanutbutter sandwiches, spaghetti, crumbly cheese, and gummy bears.
You should write on toilet doors more often, this was rather fun to do and I hope you appreciate it :) 

Kris’ favourite things:

Manchester United
Talking bollocks with all of my mates in the pub
Driving through Derbyshire.. either through Snakes Pass or Chapel On Le Frith
Staff twirling
Amaretto on the rocks with crushed lime
Travelling about, anywhere.. from Hull to Wellington via Kuala Lumpur
Being in a relationship and…
Being out of a relationship
Beer in all it’s wonderful varieties
Keeping healthy (when not drinking beer and puffing away)

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