A woman’s war is in her words

it is not in her action

for that is rarely noticed

or desired.

I may not be 6ft 3 but pay attention to me

I will burn a hole in the pavement where I stand

if you hurt me.

My fists will shake, my voice – break

but hear my words.

It’s more intelligent shall we say

to let the voice rise above

the row of fists or the shrug of shoulders.

Do not deny that we are all equal

we just express it differently.

For a womans’s fight is not in flight

it is in her words.

This poem was inspired by a guy who shoulder barged my face while walking through a busy retail car park. He was looking down at his smart phone and walking…in response to my shock and pain he asked me if I was alright, I said no as I held my face. He then told me that I should have looked where I was going…
After I pointed out rather angrily that he was looking at his smart phone – he told me to ‘oh fuck off’. 

So as he walked away I shouted to him what had actually happened… that a car driver had let me walk across his path as he turned in to park. I shouted that he had just really hurt me…

He went in to the shop and came back a couple of minutes later holding his boxed product.

I had waited, and I said to him look all I want is an apology – he accused me of shouting my head off… I’m sorry. How should have I reacted? Was I being a hysterical woman about it… no.

I then told him very logically and calmly that he swore at me first. There was a flash of realisation in his eyes. He got in to his car, shaking his head. And I thought – would you act like this if my gender were different?

+probably not.

If I was a man, there would definitely have been a SORRY MATE!

I got in to my car and cried with the adrenaline and fury that someone could be so nasty and unapologetic. But ‘thanks’to him I was inspired to write this poem.

I also wished I would have shouted to him –

oh, so are you going to tweet me an apology then!