I love cycling down a long steep hill. Wind rushing the tears past my cheeks like a little stream. Cycling downhill is almost meditative. There’s nothing else to think about or do except ride the bike and smile. The hard work of the hill and the reward of the descent.

The idea of traveling under my own steam… that my own body got me there.

Reading and feeling inspired by quotes.

The countryside.

I like photographing people candidly… and capturing those moments that would otherwise go un-noticed.

Feeling a warm embrace and hugging someone and you just fit together, that’s a nice feeling. To feel safe.

Poetry, I’d like to read more of it.

Radio drama and audio books, listening to them makes me feel old beyond my years but I love them. Especially Agatha Raisin mysteries by MC Beaton.

The sound of walking on gravel.

New cultures and languages I feel so alive when travelling.

Long bike rides as you feel you have accomplished something great.

Piano music.

The cinema – to get lost in a new world and feel differently about things when you walk out of the cinema.

Meeting people and good conversation. I like picking up bits of information,life advice, experiences here and there. I also love a bit of philosophical conversation.

Hearing the rain when I am indoors.

Traveling on trains especially at night with fitting music in my ears.


Creating, whether it’s baking, cooking something colourful and trying out new recipes, taking pictures even if just with a phone. A capture is a capture.

The kindness of strangers. Simple things, like a smile or a thank you.

Riding in the cool evening at dusk when everything looks pink, the light is pink.