I want to collect individual lists of peoples’ favourite things…when was the last time you sat down to compile a list of what makes you happiest?

So all I ask of you is to (anonymously if you wish) E-mail me a list of your favourite things to

This can be a list in bullet point form or a paragraph of text. Tell me what your favourite things are… past times, activities, sounds, smells, people, hobbies, colours…Whatever comes to mind. It’ll be good for you.

To get started I will share a friend’s favourite things, that he was kind enough to share with me.

I love my motorbike, I love that when I ride it I smell like nature and that my ears ring because of the noise of the wind, the way my hands go numb in the cold and how I can hold the engine and warm them up.

I love going for rides and getting lost ..seeing places and people that I have never seen… and may never see again.

I love the fact that at the same time it’s your best freind and your worst enemy.

I love listening to rock music…music that you can feel in you chest and gives you energy and a zest for life….early Motorhead does this for me.

I love nature of all kinds…I love sitting in the sun and getting soaked by the rain… there’s no such thing as bad weather…just the wrong kind of clothes!

I love random strangers smiling at me….even if they are mental.

And..lastly…dogs..for their unconditional love!