Plaza Solución.

I visited Spain at the right time as I got the chance to explore and photograph the camp in Sol set up by Spanish demonstrators wanting to protest about the failing economy and lack of employment opportunity for people across the country. I respect their decision to do it, to show that they have a voice.

The area was a hive of activity, business men walked casually by the tented areas and stalls, talking in to their mobile phones. Tourists wandered around the plaza, some crowding to watch the street performers. A few photographers, one with a massively intimidating bit of equipment searched for shots and the residents of Madrid went about their daily lives.

It was on Euronews today that the protesters are going to leave the area by this weekend, after more than three weeks of living in the area. So I feel privileged that I was there to witness it when I did, and to show you what I saw. These photographs were taken on the 4th of June.

I have more low-res scans to sort through, got my work cut out for me… so come back soon to see more street photography of Madrid. And if you want to stay updated you can of course subscribe using the side bar.


Madrid protests

  1. wraggy said:

    Nice feeeling to these lady, especially like the one of the guys playing chess… the colour is FABULOUS



  2. Paul kowalczuk said:

    Some good shots there Jenn. You were fortunate that this was going on while you were there. I wouldn’t have been able to resist shooting it either. Always interesting shots to be had at any kind of gathering like this, whether you support the cause or not. From the photographers point of view it’s ‘camera fodder’.


  3. Hi Paul!

    I was indeed fortunate to be there and capturing an event like this is a good opportunity for any photographer. However, I don’t really make a habit of photographing things that don’t interest me. I think the term ‘camera fodder’ can be applied more directly to a paparazzi shooting a celebrity because they have no one else for a story… but the issues they were protesting about – mainly high youth unemployment apply to a lot of the developed world at this time. So I would describe it as a subject of genuine interest not ‘fodder’.

    Thank you for taking the time to come and share your thoughts.

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