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I have more photographs from Istanbul, but I’ve been busy and not really found the time to upload them. Alas these are my last from the place. On to something new… I still need to get my retouching portfolio / website sorted out. Can I have some more hours in my day pretty please? E-mailing a low-res selection to people doesn’t really ‘get me out there’.

Regarding purely creative pursuits: If I don’t find the time now at just gone ‘today not tomorrow’ then I won’t. We have to find time for what makes us happy  – to cultivate creativity, because If we don’t our interests and passions may fall by the way side. Then life might seem full of routine, somewhat dull and uninteresting with no ‘punctum’ to open us up to new experience, inspiration, people and conversations.

So without further a-do… here’s the rest. Enjoy.


Turkish Coffee

Blue Mosque


IstanbulNight cafeInstanbul

Manchester. Oldham Street. A place called ‘Fridays’. A dive, a place that is always dark. That has door security most week day afternoons. This guy was stood outside and caught my eye. He let me take his photograph. Some people find it flattering. They may not  have any one else interested in them enough to record their presence here anymore. Image

I have returned from a four day trip to Istanbul with a couple of friends. It’s a great place with great people… and food too. The virtues of the humble kebab have been revealed to me, I have visited a Turkish bath house – where I was warmed and refreshed. I have stepped inside the blue mosque, met another photographer in the spice bazaar (more on that later) and along the way developed a taste for apple tea and sahlep.  My photographs are still hiding in their little canisters waiting to be developed.

I’m posting a completely different style of photograph today as I have been inspired by a Japanese  photographer by the name of Natsumi Hayashi. This flash of inspiration came via the Amsterdam bound in-flight magazine ‘Holland Herald’. Having a few years of lucid – flying dreams under my belt, a general love of the surreal and a slight obsession with anything to do with Japan I instantly fell for her work.

Being the tall walking contradiction that I am. I love the staged photograph as much as I do the candid and thought I would make a street levitation of my own. If not just to see how hard it is to get up in the air! I might make more, who knows. I think it could be interesting and I’m certainly not the first one

to do a tribute as it were. What do you think?

Yowayowa Camera woman

To blog is to give to others, a little something of yourself. To affect just one person with what you do is amazing. So in that thread I will continue and offer something, but not of myself. Not today when inspiration and foreign soil are lacking. Instead, I want to give you a fellow street photographer by the name of Joe E.

As a street photographer Joe Entwistle has visited many cities around Europe to capture moments which would otherwise have been lost. The primary focus of his work is to capture people from various walks of life in everyday scenes.

Here a few of my personal favourites, because they are just lovely.

To take a look at more of Joe’s work visit.

Joe E Photo

Or visit his website dedicated to displaying the works of selected artists and events from the U.K. and farther afield.

Cargo Collective: What’s Poppin’

Until next time.


I visited Spain for ten days in September, however… it was a rather tame affair so I thought I’d liven it up a bit with a day trip to Morocco as my Father’s cousin lives in Tarifa  (which conveniently enough is the shortest boat crossing from Spain to Tangier). Filling out the exit and entry forms was quite exciting… and I finally got my passport stamped. A fine moment! I wish I could have stayed longer than five hours and truly explored. One amazing discovery was the two hour time difference between Spain and Morocco!

I took my Nikon D300 away with me. Note to self: D300 is not the camera for the job. The size of it attracts far too much attention and well, I have become accustomed to my film camera, and the lovely grain that film provides of course.

However for the purposes of photographic flexibility I have had the thought to trade in my Nikon and perhaps go for a Leica X1. Eventually I could start a 365 project again – taking a photograph everyday for a year, without film development and size of the camera being an issue.

Forcing yourself to take a picture a day is quite a good practice, it keeps you aware and thoughtful. But then again, so does just opening your eyes.

Someone I recently met made me realise, it’s great to have a passion… but it’s even better to be actively involved in it. I have two motivations doing this type make myself smile and hopefully affect someone, somewhere positively with what I capture.

That is all.

This is the last of the photographs from Madrid. I find myself doing this to get my head out of CV writing mode because despite my freelance status… well like a lot of people. I need a job.

I find myself in Spain again from 12-22nd September… this time in Fuengirola. Hopefully I’ll get to Gibralter and from there possibly take the boat to Tangier in Morocco for a day if I can persuade other people….(those that are paying) I don’t know what will happen.

By the way, thanks in advance to those who take the time to leave a comment, I find it encouraging.

Here’s a quote I like that I found today.

‘To take photographs means to recognize – simultaneously and within a fraction of a second – both the fact itself and the rigorous organization of visually perceived forms that give it meaning. It is putting one’s head, one’s eye and one’s heart on the same axis’.
Henri Cartier-Bresson

Karl pilkington's yellow jeans.

See you soon.



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